Study Visa

What is Study visa?

Study visa is the type of visa issued for students of Japanese school, university or vocational school in Japan.
To acquire study visa, you many need to submit the required documents to Immigration Bureau through our school.

Our administrative scrivener and judicial scrivener from related company of our school to support you regarding visa application.

Immigrate severely checks if the propose of coming Japan is really for studying, or being involved in dishonest business.
Although there are no required qualifications, but it would be possible that visa not granted because of inadequate documents.
Our school is in a tie-up with administrative scrivener office who is the expert of visa application, so do not worry regarding visa.

Support extension or changing of visa after being enrolled

Our administrative scrivener stuff will support the extension or changing of visa after you are enrolled in our school.
Pleas let us take care of extension of study visa or employment in Japan with confidence.

Procedure flow of study visa application & entry into Japan

It normally takes 4 to 6 months from submission of application documents to Immigration Bureau until visa granted.
Please contact us and submit application in advance. For applicant wants to enroll on April, please submit before previous October, for applicant wants to enroll on October, please submit before April.

Admission of April 2022 Admission of October 2022
The first registration application Selection by interview late 9/2021 late 3/2022
(1) Application (school/status of residence) submission deadline Last day of 10/2021 4/2022
(2) Documents submission to the Immigration Bureau Mid 12/2021 20/6/2022
(3) Certificate of Eligibility granted 21/2/2022 31/8/2022
(4) Payment deadline of tuition and dormitory fee 28/2/2022 5/9/2022
(5) Visa application 5/3/2022 10/9/2022
(6) Visa granted 20/3/2022 20/9/2022
(7) Entry to Japan 27 or 28/3/2022 10/2022
※In case it passed the deadline of application or selection, please contact us. There is a possibility we conduct the second interview.
※Schedule may be changed due to certain reason. Please confirm with our school in advance.

Please feel free to contact us!

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