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Greetings from President

Find your dream at Sakura Kotonoha Japanese School
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理事長 柳本 良太

The Sakura Kotonoha Japanese Language School is a place where foreign students can learn in a reassuring environment. The school is based on the philosophy as “A school as a bridge to connect Japan with the world” 〜Help the students to reach success as international talents through education of Japanese language and culture〜 As aged society with a low birth rate becoming one of the most serious social problems, demand of foreigner population is increasing recent years in Japan. At the same time, the cases of illegal residence or illegal employment are also increasing, which causes more difficulty of studying in Japan for foreigner. We provide support for visa application, accommodation with reasonable price, comprehensive assist in daily life for students under the slogan of “Student is our top priority”. We believe self-fulfillment by cultivating motivation of learning, and growth as a high-level cosmopolitan can not be realized without above elements. For acquiring ability to communicate smoothly with Japanese, we provide not only the curriculum to learn Japanese words and grammar, but also out-put curriculum, school excursion and participative events. We also provide curriculum with lecture of Japanese regulations and laws so that student can learn more about Japanese society or culture to remove their worries. We would like to offer support to our students by providing education on communicational Japanese and social rules of Japan so they can move forward to further study and career to fulfill their dreams.
Let’s make our dreams come true together at Sakura Kotonoha Japanese Language School!
The crew of the school are happy to assist you with your study and with your daily life in Japan and hope you would have great experience here.
Sakura Kotonoha Japanese Language School will contribute to the growth of international society by producing more talents who will be bridge between Japan and the world. President


  • Judicial scrivener
  • Administrative scrivener
  • Real Estate Notary

Greetings from School Principal


The Sakura Kotonoha Japanese Language School is a place where not only the Japanese social norms are learned, but also the Japanese culture and geographic features are experienced. Through many of you sat entering university or vocational school as one of the biggest goals, life after education will continue for further decades. The experience and knowledge in our school will definitely benefit you when you work no matter in Japan, home country or other country. It has been more than 30 years since I started to be involved in Japanese education field. I have seen many earnest, family-minded, polite graduates are contributing on a global scale. They had come to Japan carrying expectation on their back. One of our goals is to please not only the international students but also the people supported them. I believe building fiduciary relationship with each person, each family will promote friendship and development between two nations.
As we know, there are many countries in this world. I’d like to thank you for choosing Japan among all the countries.
Please enjoy the study at Sakura Kotonoha Japanese Language School and do it with no regrets. In order to guarantee that, we will give our full support any time you need it, let’s make it a promise!
School principal
Hiroko ABE


  • 『耳から覚える日本語能力試験 語彙トレーニングN2』(ALC・July. 2011)
  • 『耳から覚える日本語能力試験 語彙トレーニングN1』(ALC・September. 2012)

A Japanese study book series elaborated by Educators who have been involved in Japanese language education for more than 30 years, have been popular among many Japanese language school and students since publication. These books have been translated into English, Chinese, Korean.

  • 『どんなときどう使う日本語語彙学習辞典』(ALC・May.2014)

A Japanese vocabulary dictionary has been compiled for Japanese learner. Has been translated into English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese.

Education Background

  • Meiji University Department of Business
  • Meiji University Department of literature


  • アルファ国際学院 Director lecturer
  • イーストウエスト日本語学校 Full-time lecturer
  • 亜細亜友之会外語学院 Director teacher
  • 京進ランゲージアカデミー Director teacher
  • 東京中央日本語学院 Director teacher
  • 東京外国語学院 Director teacher
  • あたご日本語学校 School principle and director


  • 1st grade teacher’s license of junior high school (Japanese)
  • 2nd grade teacher’s license of high school (Japanese)

Our school philosophy

A school as a bridge to connect Japan with the world
~Help the students to reach success as international talents through education of Japanese language and culture~

  • Regarding language study, we believe that besides vocabulary and grammar, acquiring ability of uttering words properly in each occasion, attempting to communicate with Japanese smoothly is the most essential factor. We would like to provide the output study environment for acquiring communication skill.
  • A real international talent to be welcome by Japanese society and Japanese people needs to acquire Japanese and knowledge and skill of Japan, also deepen understanding about Japanese culture, geographic features and Japanese mind.
  • In our school, besides focusing on the basic learning such as “conversation” “reading” or “writing”, we also provide the curriculum expand to specialized study or life topic so as to learn the “living” Japanese, the field trip, event, interactive activities, Japanese regulation and law special course and others to provide education opportunity of experience and deepen understanding about society and features in Japan.
  • The students graduate from our school are expected to pursue further study in university, graduate school or vocational school, and acquire knowledge or skills to contribute by performing their capacity in Japan or in the world.

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Business hours  9:00〜17:00

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