1.5 Year Curriculum

1.5 Year Curriculum Outline

Course Period 1 year and 6 months
Classes Hours 1140 hours
Course Schedule From October to March of two years later.
Class Weeks 57 weeks
Class hours per week (Number of class days) 20 hours(5 days)
Admission Capacity 40 students(AM class 20 students / PM class 20 students)
Class Number AM 1 class / PM 1 class
Maximum Capacity per Class 20 students

・Period Time: 45 minutes
・AM Class Time 9:00~12:20 / PM Class Time 13:30~16:50

Level Class Weeks Class Content (Outline) Main Text Books
1 Entry Level 1 10 Weeks Writing or pronounce Hiragana and Katakana accurately
The minimum necessary daily conversation.
2 Entry Level 2 9 Weeks Reading or writing the basic Kanji.
Acquire the ability of reading short sentence.
Be able to understand the writing about familiar topics by using grammar and vocabulary acquired from Entry level 1
3 Medium Level 1 9 Weeks Describe and express feelings regarding daily topics. Practice to speak with long sentence by reading and writing long readings. Acquire the listening ability of natural speed conversation.
Aim to pass JLPT N3.
4 Medium Level 2 10 Weeks Acquire ability to discuss and express opinion with certain long sentence regarding more familiar topic. Acquire speaking ability of understanding certain long sentence and speaking できる日本語中級
5 Medium Level 3 9 Weeks Acquire ability to understand other opinions and express own opinion with certain long sentence regarding familiar social topic. Be able to use the expression properly according to different scene.
Aim to pass JLPT N2
6 Medium Advanced Level 10 Weeks Be able to understand the information of society briefly such as news.
Acquire ability to understand the author’s thought from certain long reading. Acquire the ability to express more properly by using grammar and vocabulary already learned.
7 Advanced Level 1 10 Weeks Acquire ability to understand certain level reading of professional knowledge to understand lecture in university. Be able to consider the listener’s feelings while talking. Aim to pass JLPT N1. 上級で学ぶ日本語
8 Advanced Level 2 9 Weeks Acquire the ability of reading comprehension, listening comprehension, delivering presentation required at university. Acquire ability to understand thesis, newspaper, news to obtain information of society. Realia

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AM class

1 period 9:00 ~ 9:45
2 period 9:45 ~ 10:30
3 period 10:50 ~ 11:35
4 period 11:35 ~ 12:20

PM class

1 period 13:30 ~ 14:15
2 period 14:15 ~ 15:00
3 period 15:20 ~ 16:05
4 period 16:05 ~ 16:50

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