Procedure flow

From Admission Reception Until Enter in Japan

Admission of April Admission of October
(1) Application for the first recruitment Interview selection implementation period Selection by interview Until September 30th Until March 31th
(2) Application (school/status of residence) submission deadline Until October 20th Until April 20th
(3) Documents submission to the Immigration Bureau Mid of November Mid of June
(4) Certificate of Eligibility granted February 21st Mid of August
(5) Payment deadline of tuition and dormitory fee the end of February the end of August
(6) Visa application March 5th September 5th
(7) Visa granted March 25th September 25th
(8) Entry into Japan April 1st October 1st
※In case it passed the deadline of application or selection, please contact us. There is a possibility we conduct the second interview. ※Schedule may be changed due to certain reason. Please confirm with our school in advance.

Flow from application until admission

  • STEP1: Application for the Selection
    Applicants send all required documents to Sakura Kotonoha Japanese Language School before deadline.
    ※Please submit application form and transcript of final academic background when applying.
    ※Please contact us if you wish to apply after passing the deadline.
  • STEP 2: Interview
    We conduct an interview for the applicants and their financial supporters.
    ※If it is difficult for the supporters to appear in the interview, we will arrange alternative phone-interview. Also, we might request designated documents regarding the interview.
  • STEP 3: Submission of Application Documents
    If it is confirmed that you pass the interview, please send us all the documents requested by the deadline. Also, please transfer examination fee to specified bank account by due date.
    ※Exam fee is not required when it is applicable period for COVID-19 special scholarship.
  • STEP 4: Examination by Our School
    Once received the documents, we exam and screen according to documents and make judgement of admission. Afterward, we issue “admission permit” and submit the application documents to the jurisdiction Immigration office.
  • STEP 5: Visa application
    Grant “Certificate of Eligibility”
    Immigration will grant “Certificate of Eligibility” after document examination.
  • STEP 6: Tuition Payment
    Send Certificate of Eligibility, Admission permit, (Certificate of scholarship, for the qualified persons)
    Our school will inform applicant whose “Certificate of Eligibility” is granted. Applicant (or agency) need to transfer enrollment fee, tuition fee, facilities fee, activities fee to our designated bank account. Once the payment is confirmed, “Certificate of Eligibility”, “Admission permit”, “Admission schedule” and various information will be sent by our school.
  • STEP 7: Visa Application
    Grant Visa Dormitory application, Written oath Decide entry date, Arrange flight
    Please fill in dormitory application, written oath and other survey and reply to an email as soon as possible. Please apply for visa at diplomatic establishment at your country. Flights are arranged by our school after visa granted, so please inform us. And please arrange the schedule to come to Japan at our designated date.
  • STEP 8: Entry of Japan
  • STEP 9: Enroll in Sakura Kotonoha Japanese Language School
    Orientation and classes start!
    ※We will inform you separately in case we conduct online classes because of immigration restrictions.

※For Certificate of Eligibility issued from 2019 Oct 1st until 2021 Jan 29th, regardless of the date written on it, it is valid until the earlier one between below 2 date.
① 6 months after “the date of being able to entry Japan”
② 2021 Apr 30th

Please feel free to contact us!

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