About enrollment

When can I enroll in?
Our enrollment period are April and October. Please note it is necessary to complete application of our school and visa procedure at immigration before it.
For applicant wants to enroll on April, please submit before previous October, for applicant wants to enroll on October, please submit before April. Of course it is no problem to contact us earlier.
My Japanese ability is poor, can I enroll in?
Please make sure to master reading and writing Hiragana and Katakana, and simple conversation in daily life. As a standard, please aim for JLPT N4(understand basic Japanese).
I am planning to find a job after graduating, can I enroll in?
Yes, it is OK.
Our school’s aim is mainly to support student pursue further education such as going to university or vocational school, but we are also happy to support student find a job after graduation.
Do you have age limit for enrollment?
We have no age limit, but it is required to receive school education more than 12 years or the education equivalent to it.
I want to change my current statue of residence to study visa and enroll in. Can you support regarding the procedure?

Yes. We have administrative scriveners and Judicial scriveners who take care of changing statue of residence. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Click here to find further information regarding study visa.

How much can I improve my Japanese when I graduate?
We believe if you do your best to learn Japanese by making efforts, you could acquire N2 level after finishing intermediate course, and N1 level after finishing advanced course.

About School Life

Where is the campus located?
Our school is located 10 minutes away from Sin Osaka station where Sinkansen stops.
You can find anything here including place to have lunch and dinner, café, convenience store, supermarket, business facility, sprots gym, hot spring, and hospital.
Also we have great access to main stations in Kansai. It takes only 30 minutes to Kyoto and Sannomiya, 10 minutes to Umeda station, 20 minutes to Namba station by train from Shin Osaka stationcourse”.
How is the condition of the school facility?
Our school’s building was renovated at 2020, so you can enjoy your campus life in a brand new place.
Do you have restroom in the school?
Yes, we have reformed Men’s and Ladies restroom in our school.
Could you tell me more about the teachers?
Most teachers are young in their twenties and thirties. All of them are professionals in education. You can enjoy relaxed atmosphere in the class.
How many students in a class?
Each class has up to 20 students. Both 2 years course and 1.6 years course have each 2 classes, 80 students in total.
What kind of course do you have?
Our school offer “2 years course” and “1.5 years course”.
In 2 years course, you may progress in 8 levels from Entry level 1 to Advance level 2.
In 1.5 years course, you may progress in 6 levels from Entry level 1 to Advanced level 1.
How many times do I have to go to school every week?
5 times per week. Our school is closed at Saturday, Sunday and holiday.
Do you have summer vacation or winter vacation?
We have each break in spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Summer vacation is from the end of July to the middle of August, autumn vacation is from late September to the middle of October, winter vacation is from late December to early January, and spring vacation is from early March to early April.
Do you have library?
Yes, We have a library in our school, which holds various types of reading materials such as learning materials, dictionary and popular comic.
The library is also available for self-study during break time or after class.
Do you have place to have lunch?
Yes. You can buy your lunch ad enjoy at free classroom.
Can I use wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) service at school?
We do not offer Wi-Fi password to fraud prevention and for providing environment where students can concentrate at.
Free Wi-Fi is available at student dormitory. (For online class)
Can I use computer or printer?
You can find computer and printer at library.

About Further Education and Finding Job

I am not sure if I can choose a university and vocational school which is best for me.
No problem. We will support you to find the best school for you spending and learning in our school.
Not only on the academic, we also focus on acquisition of Japanese culture and customs. We provide students the opportunities of attending trail or exhibition, joining seminar or volunteer activities, and experience intern.
Plus, there are many graduates of famous universities and vocational school and experienced instructors, so you can get advice in at personal consultation if you can not make decision by yourself.
How can I receive supports on pursuing further education?

We provide detailed guidance on short essay writing, interview practice and choosing school according to each student’s needs.
Also we offer skipping grade and scholarship system.

Click here to find further information about further education guidance, skipping grade, scholarship

How much does it cost on university or vocational school?
Averagely, national and public university cost 800,000yen yearly, private school costs 1,000,000yen ~ 1,600,000yen yearly, vocational school costs 700,000yen ~ 1,300,000yen.
We also offer advice of scholarship regarding choosing university and vocational school.
Can I still receive consultation regarding further education or recruitment after graduation?
Of course. It is our pleasure to support you during next year if you are not able to enter another school or find a job and still want to challenge. Feel free to contact us.

About Daily life

Can you introduce me a part time job?
We recommend the student to make effort on finding a part time job and receive the interview by himself as a practical experience. But our stuff will be happy to support if the student has concerns of how to find, the unique manners of interview or economic distress due to being unable to get a job.
Please consult with us if any wanton treatment or anything you can not accept regarding income.
How much income can I learn form part time job?
Part time job under 28 hours per week is allowed if acquiring Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously. The minimum wage of Osaka is 964yen per hour currently in 2020. Based on the simple calculation, it is possible to learn approximately 100,000yen per month.
Please be aware that probably you can not work for about 28 hours per week. You are recommend to confirm clearly regarding working hours as interview.
Can I find restaurant near the school?
There are many restaurant near our school. There is no worry to find a nice place to eat.
I want to cook by myself, can I find grocery store nearby?
Yes, there are several grocery stores within walking distance from school. You can go to grocery store buying ingredients on your way back to home from school.
I want to know the basic facilities of apartment or dormitory room for one person.
The basic facilities are kitchen, toilet, bathroom. There are two types of bathroom, toilet and bathroom are separate, and toilet and bathroom are together.
You may need to buy washing machine by yourself (Available to purchase a used one by approximately 10,000yen)
The optional facilities are stove, balcony, video intercom, automatic lock door, bath room drying machine, electronic toilet seat. Almost all accommodation has air-conditioner.
We also provide accommodation with basic necessary appliance and furniture such as TV, bed, table, refrigerator, washing machine, so you can start living in without preparing anything.
Can I learn Japanese rules and manners properly from the basics?
Yes. Our school’s mission is to help our students to be a high-level international talented person.
We offer seminar of transportation, garbage rules, manners of interview, having meals, trains, and basic law.
Please feel free to ask our stuff if you have any concerns anytime.
What if I got sick?
We provide support to make sure you can receive proper medical care such as National health insurance admission.
In addition to getting sick at school, please feel free to contact us if you need to go to hospital at your home or outside.

Please feel free to contact us!

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