Basic information

School Name Sakura Kotonoha Japanese Language School
Subject Japanese
Location 〒532-0004
1-6-36 Nishihara, Yodogawa ward, Osaka city
206 Shinosaka communication plaza
Access From JR line Shin Osaka station, 10 mins on foot
From Takarazuka line Mikuni station, 15 mins on foot
Parking Not available


How to get our school from Sin Osaka station

01 Coming from EXIT 4
02 Go down the stairs
03 Keep going for about 400m
04 Turn right at the intersection with Nippon Rent-A-Car on your left as a landmark.
05 Keep going until you see the sign of Family Mart
06 Turn left at the intersection, using the Family Mart sign on the upper right as a landmark.
07 Go straight for about 250m and you will see the apartment where our school is in on your left.
08 You arrive! School is on the 2nd floor.

How to get our school from Mikuni station

01 Coming from Central EXIT (East EXIT), and go in the direction of Viewl Hankyu building. Keep going for about 500m.
02 Turn left at the intersection, using FamilyMart on your left as a landmark.
03 Keep going for about 500m.
04 Turn right at the intersection, using Lawson on your right as a landmark.
05 Go straight for about 100m from Lawson, you will see the apartment where our school is in on your left.
06 You arrive! School is on the 2nd floor


●School building


Located in 206 Shin Osaka Communication Plaza

●Classroom A&B


Classrooms are divided into 2 floors. We provide specious classroom so that students are able to concentrate in the class.
Plus, classrooms are soundproof so that students do not need to worry about the noise outside.



Textbooks as well as other reading materials are available at school library. Besides, to help students learn the language with fun, the best seller Japanese comic books can also be found here.

●Nursery Room

You can take a rest at the nursery room if you feel sick during class.

Surrounding facility


A location where you can immerse in learning with close contact to the charisma of the city

Sakura Kotonoha Japanese Language School is located in the center of Osaka city and the school dormitory is close to Shin Osaka station from where it is easy to travel to other cities.
The liveliness around Umeda station is only 10 minutes away, and the well-known tourist site around Namba station is 15 minutes away.
The great location of the school also provides easy access to the neighboring facilities such as hospital, hot spring bath, and futsal court, etc.

  • Sin Osaka Station
    One of the major transportation station for arrival and departure of Shinkaisoku, Sinkansen in Kansai area.
    About 30 mins to Kyoto, Sannomiya(Kobe)
    About 5 mins to Osaka Station
    About 15 mins to Namba station

Large Supermarket

There are large supermarket which opens until late time at the place 200 meters away from school.
Besides it, there also are several supermarkets around the school.

Convenience store & Restaurant

Convenience store and restaurant are found in anywhere all over the town including area around school.

Book Store

There are several book stores inside of JR Shin Osaka station.
Affordable used books can also be found in secondhand bookstore all over the town.


Several parts with full of greenery can be found around the school. There is a park just behind our school. Please be aware that ball games or fireworks are not allowed in some area. Find the regulations on the board set in the park.


Gym has become popular since more and more people start to pursue health recent years. You could find many gym facilities around Shin Osaka station. Many of them are open 24h, and equipped with shower bath, and even sauna.

Hot Spring Facility

You can find a hot spring facility 50 maters from our school, and meals and massage are available there. Japanese has a custom to take bath besides shower every day, so the facilities such as public bath or hot spring are popular regardless of age.

Please feel free to contact us!

Business hours  9:00〜17:00

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