Dormitory Guideline

Oriental Sin Osaka Urban Life

  • Address:1-7-4 Nishimiyahara Yodogawa ward Osaka city From our school :2 mins on foot
  • Station:Sinosaka station, 8mins on foot
 Rent(Monthly)Entrance feeDepositUtility feeTotal
Single room40,000yen30,000yen20,000yen5,000yen95,000yen
Double room25,000yen30,000yen20,000yen5,000yen80,000yen

Sin Osaka Copo Bianezu

  • Address:2-6-16 Nishimiyahara Yodogawa ward Osaka city  From our school 5 mins on foot
  • Station:Hankyu Takarazuka Mikuni station , 11 mins on foot, Sinosaka station, 12mins on foot
 Rent(Monthly)Entrance feeDepositUtility feeTotal
Single room37,500yen30,000yen20,000yaen8,000yen95,500yen
Double room23,500yen30,000yen20,000yen8,000yen81,500yen

Dormitory fee, including entrance fee, deposit, utility fee, and the rent for 6 months will be paid at first, and then payment will be made every 3 months.

Each fee is subject to each accommodation. Please note that we might not be able to meet your request regarding room type.

  • Facility fee includes: kitchen, shower, toilet, refrigerator, rice cooker, microwave, AC, all kinds of kitchenware, Wi-Fi, desk, chair
  • Meal is not provided, so please prepare by yourself.

    ※In principle, it is mandatory to live in designated dormitory. The fee cannot be refunded once payment is made.
    ※Please note that dormitory above is a part of examples. There is a possibility that you live in other accommodation as same condition as above.
    ※Utility fee (water, gas and electronic, Wi-Fi) 8000yen is the basic fee. The excess will be charged as Wi-fi, water, gas and electronic fee from your entrance.
    ※If entrance delays due to unavoidable reasons such as immigration restrictions by the government decision, dormitory fees and other fees will be appropriated as dormitory fee after move-in.


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