College Life

Yearly Schedule


Besides Japanese learning curriculum, we also offer student many opportunities of leaning Japanese culture, customs, history and regulation by various activities.

Month Events Activities
April Students enroll in April come to Japan
Orientation, placement test
Spring entrance ceremony
Sakura watching
May EJU mock test Spring hiking
June EJU
JLPT mock test
Japanese speech contest
July JLPT BBQ party
August Summer vacation (2 weeks) Summer festival, Yukata wearing experience, fireworks, Japanese rules and laws lecture
September Autumn vacation (2 weeks) Sports festival
October Students enroll in October come to Japan
Orientation, placement test
Autumn entrance ceremony
Autumn hiking
November EJU
JLPT mock test
Karaoke Contest
December JLPT
Winter vacation (2 weeks)
School festival
January Winter season classes start New year celebration
Attend external seminar for applicant
February Visa change application by agent Japanese culture experience (Tea ceremony)
March Final examination, spring graduation ceremony, spring vacation (2 weeks), further education seminar, personal consultation Japanese rules and laws special lecture
Attend trial

※Only main events are included above. Events may be subject to each year.

One Day Flow


AM classes start at 9:00am and PM classes start at 1:30pm.
Each class lasts 45 minutes.


  • Class starts
    AM 1st period starts at 9:00am. In order that classes start at 9:00am, please make sure to be at the classroom and prepare the study materials prior to the start.
  • Break time
    Break time is 10:30am – 10:50am. It is your free time to ask teacher questions or chat with friends. Make sure to prepare for next class.
  • AM classes finish
    AM 4th period finishes at 12:20. You can decide how to spend your time during afternoon such as doing part time job, study at home or library.

Lunch break

Lunch break is 12:20 – 13:30.
There are various restaurants near our school. You are suggested to ask teacher recommend or explore nice restaurants with friends. Of course, buy some bento at convenience store and eat at school is one of your options.


  • Class starts
    PM 1st period starts at 1:30am. In order that classes start at 1:30pm, please make sure to be at the classroom and prepare the study materials prior to the start. Be careful with the food coma!
  • Break time
    Break time is 15:00am – 15:20am. It is your free time to ask teacher questions or chat with friends. Make sure to prepare for next class.
  • PM classes finish
    PM 4th period finishes at 16:50.

Extracurricular Activities

Sakura watching

Sakura watching is one of the major events in Japan. Each year form late March to the middle of April, a lot of people enjoy watching Sakura at parks or riverbeds.

Japanese speech contest

It is a good chance to express with what you learned in Japanese. Our school value the ability to express yourself in Japanese, which would be essential to pursue further education or find a job living in Japan, as one of the most crucial abilities.

BBQ party

It is common to grill sliced beef or pork with vegetables while eating. The ingredients and flavor may be a little different depends on country.

Summer festival, yukata wearing experience, fireworks

During July till August, the summer festivals are held in all over Japan. Fireworks can be seen in the huge festivals. Yukata used to be casual wear long time ago in Japan. Now it can be seen at summer festival. Smooth textured Yukata is very suitable to wear in hot summer.

Japanese rules and laws special lecture

The lecture is about basic rules and manners regarding transportation, take out garbage, meal, part time job.
Besides, students can receive the lecture of Japanese laws to spend time in Japan more safe and secure.

New year celebration

In Japan, it is common to greet people with “Happy new year” or “I am looking forward to working with you this year” as new year coming.
You can learn about Japanese new year culture such as new year’s card, kadomatsu, kagamimochi, kakizome, fukuwarai and so on.

Attend trial, seminar and exhibition

You can expand your experiences and knowledge by participating trail at court, seminar and exhibition. Why don’t you attend?

Region exchange, volunteer activities

Our school plans to hold exchange associations and volunteer activities with neighborhood region. You can deepen your understanding of the area and people around you to make your school life even more fulfilling.

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